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Abremundos reaches the US

From March 2015, Americans can also enjoy Abremundos wines. The line is available on the website zachys.com and physical stores.

Where to find Abremundos


Get to know Abremundos project through its creators. We invite you to browse the channel playlist and enjoy presentations and interviews.

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Marcelo and Pedro

National Harvest Festival

All artistic expressions are represented in this amazing festival that tooks place in Mendoza every year; and Abremundos is always participating.

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Vendimia Mendoza Argentina
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About Abremundos WINES

Vineyards Location

Tunuyán, Valle de Uco, Mendoza


1100 meters above sea level


The loam, alluvial, poor and stony origin, is ideal for high-end wines.


Manual in 12kg small plastic boxes.

Octava Superior


Double selection table and vibrating belt system.


Microvinification system in 225 liter French barrels. Cold maceration at 8o C during 10 to 15 days. Barrel rotation and pigage by hand.


16 months in French barrels, 6 months bottle aging.


Serve between 14-16ยบ C.