A project born of two spirits moved
by intertwined pass:
music and wine.

The subtlety, disciplined work the future vision, elegance, friendship, searching for a soul in things, harmony and the hope in transcendence these are the foundational pillars of this undertaking.


Marcelo y Pedro met in August 2012. Immediately the amount of things in common it became clear in an intense conversation from the city of Mendoza to Uco Valley. They noted that the passion for making wine and making music were going through the same way. Pedro confided that for years he has dreamed of having a vineyard and live the wine world from within. Marcelo told about the Villa Winery in The Vines of Mendoza, a unique terroir for renowned winemakers to have their own projects ... thus was born this wonderful venture.

The trip to the valley started with a generous proposal from Marcelo: Pedro develop a cut (blend) himself from samples of their wines.

Thus was born " Página 1", the meeting of two dedicated professionals who are recognized as peers and great friends and partners reunited in a single project. Today we invite you to be part of the beginning of this great story through this limited edition wine.

Get to Know Página 1

Wine grows as if meditating
It ripens in a silence pregnant
with celestial harmony
made by stars,
deepens its being
with eyes half-closed
in the half-light

When it stole sweetness from the sun
it was Now
When tempered by solitude
it is Now
When it blooms in your mouth
it will be Now

Color that creates the eyes
Flavor that forms the mouth
Bouquet that gives the nose its being
There is no sense till it is felt

Four Elements on the table
the hand of the Magician summons the Fifth
that lights the miracles

Guarded by giants
the valley’s noble earth
shows its stony face
to a sky that seems to speak
to it closer in for being so clear
Its face crossed by dry scars

or singing waters
keeps the transforming
of the root:
in what is arid it will be fertility
from what is poor it will make richness
from what is hard it will make velvet.